Mixed Media, Furniture & 3D

As I started in art I played with mixed media and collage partially because of my fear of actually painting. Cutting and pasting seemed so much easier. Yeah, expect good collage isn’t easy. Ultimately I broadened my perspective and worked with acrylics, oil stick, oil pastels, ink, etc. on everything from plywood to

I was initially most influenced by Dada. I was in DC during the Spring of 2006 for work and decided to visit the Dada exhibit at the National Gallery. I was shaken by the world the Dadaists were experiencing, the ideas that drove them, and the similarities to our present circumstances. Their reaction to the absurdity and tragedy of the 1910s, WWI and the negative aspects of technology made me feel like I was in a time warp. Was 2006 really just a new version of 1919?

The exhibit was so disturbing that I had the first panic attack of my life — I had to get out of there. At the same time I was drawn to the art, the artists and the story. I went back twice more and then went to see it at the MOMA in NY in August .

And I started seriously painting, maniacally, every day, sometimes till 4am.

My earlier creative efforts had been as a furniture maker. Various moves left me with no place for my woodworking equipment, but I kept some of the beautiful wood I’d collected. So you’ll see some 3D work with wood too.

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