The New ChrisBeachamPaints

I first created a web page eight years ago. I haven’t updated it much over the last couple of years for many reasons including not painting. (The not painting part is due to limited studio access, time, lack of ideas, moving three times, etc.)

Due to the many moves and the attendant downsizing I gave away the majority of my art. Friends, neighborhoods, family, the couple who bought our townhouse, and the bartender at the cafe/bar across the street ended up with most of it. After a while it wasn’t hard to get rid of these things that I had toiled over. It became liberating and it helped that all went to people I care for.

I also have a professional website,, where I discuss my work and professional interests. I blog about issues relevant to my career in arts-driven economic and community development and creative placemaking. I also blog in the Arts & Aesthetics section of the site about art and creative events mostly in New York City. For example, I recently reviewed two art exhibits at the Studio Museum in Harlem, one on the great artist Alma Thomas and the other on three terrific and exciting emerging artists-in-residence.

Some of the pieces in the gallery below are still available but others are long gone. Click on the gallery to see larger versions.