Chris Beacham Paints

Here you’ll find my art in all its manifestations. I am pretty much self trained. My 8th grade art teacher told me she’d give me a B because I tried hard. Well, a big F-you to her!

I started painting a little over ten years ago to deal with a tough time in my life. It helped me through that period and changed me. I started working in arts advocacy and volunteering for arts organizations. I also chaired the Carrboro, NC Arts Council board and was a member of the Chapel Hill, NC public arts commission.

Due to the many moves and the attendant downsizing I gave away the majority of my art. Friends, neighborhoods, family, the couple who bought our townhouse, and the bartender at the cafe/bar across the street ended up with most of it. After a while it wasn’t hard to get rid of these things that I had toiled over. It became liberating and it helped that all went to people I care for.

I also have a professional website,, where I discuss my work and professional interests. I blog about issues relevant to my career in arts-driven economic and community development and creative placemaking. I also blog in the Arts & Aesthetics section of the site about art and creative events mostly in New York City. For example, I recently reviewed two art exhibits at the Studio Museum in Harlem, one on the great artist Alma Thomas and the other on three terrific and exciting emerging artists-in-residence.

Some of the pieces in the gallery below are still available but others are long gone. Click on the gallery to see larger versions.